ElectraStim Stimulator Update Software- Windows ONLY


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Please note that you only need to download this ElectraStim Updater Software for Windows once. Future updates will be automatically found from our server.

FREE for all AXIS or Flux owners, this bespoke software will update your stimulator to the latest firmware.

Please check the product page for your stimulator to check which firmware is currently available. You may not need to update!

To download, please add this product to your basket and proceed to checkout. Your download will be made available immediately. You only need to download this once; when we release new updates the software will automatically find it.

  • Please note that this application must be connected to the internet to apply the update. You may receive a security warning when installing- please be assured that this software has been extensively tested so you may select to proceed.

Please follow the instructions below carefully. Failure to follow the instructions exactly can damage your stimulator so if at any point you're unsure, please contact us first!

This app will only work on Windows 10 minimum (Windows 11 will work correctly)- For Mac users, please download the Mac software here. 

Only available for native Windows 10 (minimum)-please do not attempt to use a Windows/MSDOS virtual machine on any other platform. 


Video Guide 

Update Procedure

Please note that this ElectraStim Updater Software (Windows) must be connected to the internet to apply the update. You may receive a security warning when installing- please be assured that this software has been extensively tested so you may select to proceed. Click More Info to reveal the Run Anyway option:



    Download the ElectraStim update software which is packaged as a zip file (please note that this software is only suitable for Windows 10 PCs and not Mac iOS)

    We recommend creating a new folder in your Documents on on your Desktop. You should then place the downloaded zip in this folder and double click to unzip. This will expand into 3 folders and an exe file. Double click the .exe file to install. 

    The screen below will open. There are only 5 steps to update and this should take under 2 minutes from start to finish.


    Step 1: Plug in your stimulator and ‘COM’ will appear in the box, as below. We find that plugging your stimulator in after the application is open works best, but if COM5 does not appear then please remove and reinsert the cable until it appears.

    A number will appear after 'COM' but this is not relevant and will be automatically allocated by your PC. As long as COM appears, everything is working correctly!


    Step 2: Select your stimulator model.


    Step 3: You have the chance to review the firmware update notes by clicking the pink link. Please note that once you have installed the update, this is not reversible. Once you're happy to proceed, click I Approve.


    Step 4: Click the Update button once to upgrade your stimulator. A progress bar will display. Do not remove the cable or press any buttons on your stimulator until step 5 is highlighted.


    Step 5: That's it! Disconnect your USB cable and try out the new features of your stimulator.

    If you experience any issues with this software, please contact us directly with your stimulator serial number info@electrastim.com

    Customer Reviews

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    bent haacke

    ElectraStim Stimulator Update Software- Windows ONLY

    Mathias Naus
    Funktioniert leider nicht

    Habe die Software runtergeladen, tut es aber nicht. Bekomme die Meldung kein Gerät angeschlossen

    Vielen Dank für Ihre Bewertung. Wenn Ihr PC das Gerät nicht erkennt, müssen Sie einige Schritte zur Fehlerbehebung unternehmen. Bitte kontaktieren Sie uns unter info@electrastim.com für Unterstützung.

    ElectraStim Stimulator Update Software- Windows ONLY?

    Nice feature for the ElectraStim stimulator. But there have been too few updates for the ElectraStim stimulator so far. I hope there will be an update with some nice programs soon.

    Very Good - you should...

    be aware of not using a fancy folder path name* to drop and start the utility - the command line it's using for its work will fail
    * for me it was space in the folder name

    Cobra 65
    Update was very easy

    The update worked great.
    No problems.
    By the way, the EM200 is a top device, it's really fun, heavy ejaculations are guaranteed, which is really cool!
    Thank you for such awesome moments!