4mm Banana Plug to 2mm Pin Converter Kit (2 Pack)


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Use this 4mm to 2mm e-stim adapter kit when you want to connect another brand of stimulator to an ElectraStim sex toy. Some other brands of e-stim stimulator have 4mm banana or straight plugs at the end of their cables rather than our standard 2mm. Use these adapters to adapt that cable into one that will work with our accessories.

The included adapters slide onto the 4mm banana connectors, converting them to 2mm pins. This allows you to use your existing stimulator with ElectraStim sex toys as well as other brands using 2mm connection.

4mm to 2mm E-Stim Adapter Specification

This kit includes:

  • 2 x adapters with 4mm input and 2mm output

Not every electrosex company uses the same style of connecters on their stimulation units and electrodes, so it can be hard to mix and match different brands.

If your existing stimulator uses a 4mm banana plug to connect to electrodes then you need this pack of 2 adapters.

Each adapter slides over the 4mm pin on your existing wire to transform the connection to our universal 2mm pin system.

There are 2 adapters included in the pack, so you can transform a single channel by placing an adapter over each 4mm pin on your existing connecting wire.

If you have a multi-channel stimulator, you will need to buy an adapter kit for each connecting wire. No wires are included with these set, it is designed for use with your existing 4mm banana plug connecting wire.

If you are in any doubt as to whether this is the right adapter for your needs, feel free to drop us an email at info@electrastim.com and let us know what set-up you'd like to achieve.