Virtual Spanking

Our ElectraStim Flick Stimulators revolutionised erotic electro-stimulation play with an exciting motion-activated feature- 'Flick Mode'. This allows you to customise stimulation using your own movements; by flicking the stimulator with different speeds and intensities you’re able to create your own patterns that match your hand movements. We called this Virtual Spanking.

flick duo flick mode animation gif

It was so popular that our Flick, Flick Duo, Flux and AXIS units all have this mode included!

Spanking is a popular bedroom activity to experiment with but if you’re a singleton it’s not quite as easy to get your kicks. Flick mode allows you to enjoy electro-spanking without the need for a partner, although it is just as fun to enjoy with your lover. Plus, the addition of the electro stimulation makes everything just that little bit more intense.

How To Spank Yourself With ElectraStim Flick Mode

To enjoy a good solo spanking session you need any of our stimulators that have 'Flick Mode'. Believe it or not, that’s all you’ll need to try a little electro BDSM.

Connect two of the pads to your stimulator and adhere them to your favourite spanking spot. For some people this is on each buttock, whereas others prefer the fleshier parts of the thighs or the sweet spot just on the inside of the buttocks, grazing the genitals. Try different parts of your bottom and thighs to find the combination that pushes your buttons.

Once the pads are in place, it’s time to activate Flick. Switch on your stimulator and use the continuous stimulation setting to find your upper limit for intensity. When you find that point that feels mildly prickly and makes you squirm, switch your stimulator to the Flick mode and select the same intensity level. You’ll feel stimulation drop off completely until you start to move the stimulator. By flicking the stimulator up and down, you’ll create waves of stimulation that give you a virtual spank!

Start off gently with slow, steady motions that create soft waves of stimulation that feel similar to a pleasurable massage. You can build up intensity by gradually increasing the speed and force behind your motions or choose to use intermittent bursts of firm stimulation – let your body be your guide.

Because you only need one hand to flick, you’re able to use your other to pleasure yourself for an even more erotic experience. You can even opt to have a one-pad spanking and team it with another uni-polar electrode like a dildo, cock ring or anal sex toy. When you use another electro sex toy you’ll experience pleasurable contractions in your most sensitive pleasure zones alongside every spank.

How To Spank Your Partner With Flick

electro spank BDSM fetishYou can spank your partner in exactly the same way as you’d spank yourself or up the ante by using a classic spanking paddle alongside the pads. Attach Flick to the handle of your paddle and use it to spank the fleshiest parts of your lover’s bottom and thighs. To intensify the afterglow of each hit, gently shake the paddle after you pull away. The pads will transmit a prickly tingle that emphasises the warming post-spank sensations and prolongs the rush they feel.

Want to take things even further? Try our ElectraStim ElectraPaddle. It’s our first electro spanking paddle made for purpose and it can be used as a bi-polar electrode or a uni-polar electrode alongside your favourite electro sex toys for a spanking session to remember.