Why Is E-Stim so Different To Other Types Of Sex Toy?

If you're here then you should have an idea of what electro sex is and how it works (if not, head over to our What Is Electro Sex? guide first!)

Electro-stimulation (sometimes called e-stim or EES) passes a low-voltage current through your body to stimulate your erogenous zones. If you’ve ever tried a battery-powered waist toning belt or a TENS machine for muscle pain, you’ll have some idea as to how our stimulators work. However, ElectraStim products are designed solely for pleasure.

Stimulating your nerves makes them more alert so that your body has a heightened response to touch. This means that you could feel more sexual pleasure than usual when using ElectraStim sex toys during masturbation, foreplay and sex. The mild currents can also encourage increased blood flow to the areas surrounding the electrode, escalating the physical signs of sexual arousal and further sensitising your intimate areas.

So, what's the difference between electro sex and a vibrator?

Don't get us wrong, vibrators are great, but they don't produce anywhere near the type of stimulation that electro can.

Think of when you play; a vibrator needs to vibrate against your skin, travelling through to the dermis where the nerve endings are hiding. Vibrators jiggle these nerve endings which then send pleasurable sensations to the brain.

Electro sex toys target these nerve endings directly so the pathway to the pleasure centres of the brain is way shorter and more intense. You'll feel the electro all through the layers of your skin as well while the nerve endings cause your muscles to clench and release with pleasure. Imagine the tensing, clenching sensation just before climax. Electro stimulation reproduces this over and over (and over) again.

Is Electro-Stimulation Painful?

Power levels vary in intensity. On lower levels EES feels like a vibration-like tickle accompanied by throbbing muscle contractions. The throbbing becomes more intense at higher levels and the tickle develops into a prickle that feels similar to pins and needles. The aim is to find the level that creates pleasurable contractions in your erotic muscles, just take it one level at a time. Electro-stimulation rarely feels painful unless you are using a high power setting.

The electrical current stimulates at a deeper level than vibrations so the erotic sensations are often more intense than those experienced with other sex toys for both men and women. Some people find that EES can induce orgasm without the need for further stimulation, especially when stimulation is focused on the prostate, penis, clitoral shaft or vagina. This is called a hands free orgasm or 'HFO'.