ElectraStim Exo 'Rogue' Prostate Massager


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Heavy-weight metal e-stim prostate massager - intense electro stimulation and muscle clenching! 

Curved design with bulbous head - sits firmly against the prostate during use

Clear polycarbonate 'skeleton' - provides stability and a view of the action! 

Three part design - disassembles completely for thorough cleaning 

Optional silicone 'Focus Sleeve' - push the electro stimulation further internally by insulating the thinnest part of the toy

ElectraStim EXO 'Rogue' Prostate Massager

If you need intensity, power, and the kind of electro play that you’ll be thinking about for days to come; the new ElectraStim ‘Rogue’ Prostate Massager is here to exceed all your expectations. The first of a new range of creative asymmetrical designs, the EXO Rogue is made using modern die-casting techniques and wears its clear polycarbonate ‘skeleton’ on the outside as an integral part of the overall shape. Plus, the clear base offers a window to the action during use for an added level of visual stimulation.

Made using modern die-casting techniques, Rogue is no longer bound by the easier manufacturing process that more traditional symmetrical toys involve. Instead, the curved prostate massager heralds the start of more unique and interesting metal designs by ElectraStim.

Designed for intense prostate stimulation, the heavy weight of Rogue forces your muscles to contract internally to hold the massager in place which not only pushes the bulbous head more firmly against the P-spot but also intensifies the effect of the electro stimulation. As well as conducting the electro sensations more intensely, the mirror finish chrome-plated Rogue also allows you to experiment with temperature play for an extra dimension of pleasure. Thanks to a clever magnetic closure, Rogue also disassembles completely for thorough cleaning.

Users can use the optional ‘Focus Sleeve’ included with Rogue to insulate the thinnest part of the massager’s neck which reduces the surface area internally and increases the level of stimulation you’ll experience when it’s fully inserted. 

A sure-fire winner for anal e-stim enthusiasts, Rogue is an intense and unforgettable experience that further expands the hardcore range of accessories available from ElectraStim.


  • Total Size (including base): 78mm wide x 100mm tall (3.07 inches wide x 3.93 inches tall)
  • Insertable Length: 90mm / 3.5 inches
  • Max Diameter: 30mm / 1.18 inches
  • Max Circumference: 94mm / 3.7 inches
  • Connection: 2mm
  • Weight: 260g with Focus Sleeve, 256g without
  • Material: (Massager) conductive metal with chrome-plated finish, transparent polycarbonate, magnetic assembly mechanism. (Focus Sleeve) 100% Phthalate-Free Silicone
  • Number of Poles: 2 (bi-polar)

What's Included?

  • 1x ‘Rogue’ Prostate Massager (assembled)
  • 1x Silicone ‘Focus Sleeve’
  • 1x Microfibre Storage Bag
  • 1x Instruction Booklet (EN/FR/DE/NL/ES/IT)

How To Clean Rogue (Video)


Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
ron smaardijk

Maybe were the expectations to high. It doesn't stimulate the prostate at all.
It feels like a dull feeling.
Product looks beautiful, also very good to clean, bus useless.

Robert Mohr

It's easy to insert, and it feels great. 2 problems. First they really need to provide 90 degree leads for it, as you can't sit or lie flat with the straight leads sticking out. Second, it slips out REALLY easy, and when you have your AXIS up to the 99 setting, and it slips out, it's really 'exciting'.

Thanks for the review. 90 Degree cables are now available thanks to your suggestion!

HEL User

It doesn't pop apart easily for cleaning. I still haven't gotten it apart.

kermit chapman

it wants to slip out so you have to hold it in while your stimming

Thanks for the review. 90 Degree cables are now available which will allow you to sit on the plug and keep it in place during play.