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* Please note that this software does not work correctly on Sonoma iOS. A solution is underway and we will update presently *


You only need to download this software once. Future updates will be automatically found from our server.

FREE for all AXIS or Flux owners, this bespoke software will update your stimulator to the latest firmware.

Please check the product page for your stimulator to check which firmware is currently available. You may not need to update!

To download, please add this product to your basket and proceed to checkout. Your download will be made available immediately. You only need to download this once; when we release new updates the software will automatically find it.

  • Please note that this application must be connected to the internet to apply the update. You may receive a security warning when installing- please be assured that this software has been extensively tested so you may select to proceed.

You must read the information provided on the PDF below before attempting to use this app.

How to Update Video


Please Read Update Procedure Before Use

Click for PDF with screenshots

Thank you for downloading the ElectraStim Uploader App for MacOS. This software can be used to update the AXIS EM200 and Flux EM180 Electro-Stimulators to add new features and modes*

Due to the nature of our industry, this app is not available on the App Store so you will need to manually allow your iMac or Macbook to run it. This simple process is detailed below, step by step.

If you have any questions or issues while using this Uploader, please contact us at info@electrastim.com

*Please consult the Firmware Release Notes within the app for information on the latest update.

1. Download the ElectraStim Uploader and unzip the contents. We recommend moving this unzipped file from your Download folder and making a new folder within Documents. You can call this anything you like- we called ours ElectraStimUploader**. 


**NOTE: We've found an occasional scenario where any spaces in the folder name can cause an issue and brick your unit during the update process.

Please ensure your folder name is a single word or has no spaces. 


2. Before opening the app for the first time, you will need to allow the app to run using the Terminal. Right click on the ElectraStim Uploader icon and click ‘New Terminal at Folder’. If you're using a Macbook you may not have a right click option. To access the correct menu press Control (^) and click the trackpad instead.

3. When the Terminal window opens, you will need to insert the following piece of code where the cursor is, then press Enter.

xattr -rd com.apple.quarantine .

Please note that the spacing and the dot at the end are important, so we recommend copying and pasting the above. Once you have pressed Enter, please wait for a new line to appear before closing Terminal.

4. You can now click the ElectraStim Uploader icon in the folder you created to launch the app. When launching for the first time, you may be asked if you want the ElectraStim Uploader to accept incoming network connections. You need to Allow this in order to communicate with our server and download firmware updates. Once you have successfully launched the ElectraStim Uploader once, you should not need to Allow any further settings in future.

5. Follow the instructions within the app to update your Stimulator.*


* Please note that if you have multiple USB devices connected to your computer, step 3 of the update will present you with a dropdown box to choose your COM port. It’s usually easy to see which one to select as your current devices are likely to identify themselves as ‘keyboard input’ or ‘USB memory’ for example. If you only have AXIS/Flux plugged in, this step will be skipped as your Mac will correctly identify the right device automatically.

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