Jack Socket Replacement Sleeve- Standard and XL


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Replacement Sleeve Size

Time to refresh your ElectraStim Jack Socket stroker? ElectraStim Jack Socket replacement sleeves now come in two sizes: Standard or XL.

The subtly wider canal in the XL sleeve allows for a more comfortable experience for men with a thicker penis. Both sleeves are the same as the ones you’ll find in the complete kit and no matter what size kit you bought, both sleeves fit inside the black silicone outer casing so you can try both without having to buy the entire product twice.

The sleeves are made from pure skin-safe TPE with a life-like softness that replicates skin. The Standard sleeve has a raised bump texture inside that provides an intense sensation and allows for firm contact so you fully appreciate the electro-stimulation. The XL sleeve has a wider orifice and a new ‘ribbed’ texture inside that allows for a more ‘roomy’ sensation during stroking. Combined with water based lubricant, this sleeve can also provide a suction sensation that further enhances the electro element.

For the most pleasurable experience we always recommend that you choose the size of sleeve that best fits your penis size.

Jack Socket Replacement Sleeve Specifications

  • TPE Material - Phthalate and latex free
  • Feels and moves similarly to skin
  • Electro-Intense' texture - Features full, thick bumps for heightened sensation
  • Open-ended design - suitable for all lengths and couple's play
  • Available in Standard or XL sizes



• Inner Sleeve length (open-ended): 100mm (4")

Standard Orifice minimum diameter: 25mm (1”)

• Standard Orifice maximum diameter: 40mm (1.6”)

XL Orifice minimum diameter: 37mm (1.45")

XL Orifice maximum diameter: 48mm (1.9")