ElectraStim AXIS Luxury Electro Stimulator


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High-spec dual channel electro stimulator- use up to 4 accessories at once

99 Intensity Levels- will power even the largest of toys!
7 Play modes- choose from Wave, Pulse, Flick, Tilt, Proximity, Microphone or Line-In
40+ pre-programmed patterns - wide variety of Wave/Pulse patterns built in

Proximity Sensor- the closer you are to the AXIS, the higher the intensity!
Gesture Sensor - control intensity, change pattern or skip modes with just a wave of your hand. Perfect if you have reduced dexterity during play.
Audio Play- control the stimulation with your favourite music or the sound of your voice
USB rechargeable battery - environmentally conscious high capacity battery (charged with USB micro)
User Updatable firmware- free updates for life. Windows and Mac apps available.* 

The AXIS Luxury Electro Stimulator by ElectraStim is a high-spec dual output e-stim powerbox and is the first in the world to incorporate multiple input sensors for a truly customisable e-stim experience.

Control AXIS with the tactile buttons, a flick of your wrist, a wave of your hand, the sound of your voice or even the proximity of your partner’s body. AXIS gives you the freedom to control electro play, your way. The only limit is your imagination! The revolutionary technology inside this advanced e-stim stimulator is a world first for the electro sex category and nothing quite like it has been previously attempted. AXIS has user-updatable firmware and we have held back a variety of features that will be unlocked in the future so as if there isn’t enough already going on with the AXIS stimulator there is also plenty to look forward to in the future.

Note: To ensure you're choosing a Stimulator with ample power for your accessories, we always recommend consulting our Compatibility Table.

Version 1.4 interim update now available.

* Firmware updates are provided for free and utilise our own Update Apps:



* Please note that the outer case of the Special Edition AXIS designs is the same plastic as the regular AXIS with a hydro-dipped design. 


IPO Patent Number: GB2568923

ElectraStim AXIS Luxury Electro Stimulator Additional Information


AXIS has dual isolated outputs each of which can be controlled independently to cater for body parts or players with different sensitivity levels. You’ll be able to connect 2 bipolar or 4 unipolar toys at any one time. This advanced e-stim stimulator boasts the same output power as our popular SensaVox unit; this time broken down into 99 distinct intensities to provide anything from a mild tingle to a full-on contraction. Experienced electro fans will not only appreciate the level of power but also the smooth and concise delivery of every wave or pulse.

Play Modes

With no less than 7 different play modes AXIS will ensure that your electro stimulation sessions are a truly immersive experience.

  1. Wave – For those who want the work to be done for them, we have incorporated our most popular wave and massage patterns. Just select the one you want to try, set your intensity and AXIS will do the rest. Choose from 11 different Wave patterns.
  2. Pulse – These patterns provide for a more edgy stimulation style where higher intensity levels with make you clench and contract. Choose from 12 different Pulse patterns.
  3. Flick - Our patented Flick mode that made its debut in our namesake stimulator is back and better than ever. The high-spec triple AXIS accelerometer means that Flick mode is more responsive than ever, so you can enjoy ‘virtual spanking’ or ‘virtual wanking’ when combined with the appropriate accessory. Choose from 5 different Flick options.
  4. Tilt - It does what it says on the tin! Tilt mode responds to the position of AXIS along the horizontal axis. Lean the unit forward to increase the intensity up to the full level that you’ve set or tilt backwards to decrease the intensity. In this way you can build your own custom patterns that respond to the angle of AXIS. Position AXIS on your body using the removable belt clip to rock ‘n’ roll your own custom theme! Choose from 5 different Tilt options.
  5. Proximity - Do you love the feeling of sharing electro sensations with your partner but wish the control was a little more natural in the heat of the moment and you could create your own stimulation patterns? Proximity Mode lets you set your maximum intensity level then create your own patterns by using the sensor on the front of the AXIS advanced e-stim stimulator You can simply wave a hand towards and away from the unit to play with the stimulation, but the fun really starts when you use the proximity of your partner’s body to control the sensations. Proximity Mode means that each wave, thrust, or movement in front of the sensor will send uniquely timed stimulation to your connected accessories. The closer any part of you is to the sensor, the more intense the stimulation. Set your desired intensity for each channel then use Proximity to manipulate the ebb and flow of the stimulation. The closer you get, the stronger the sensations. The only limit to this mode is your imagination. Try placing AXIS between you and your partner during sex to control the electro stimulations with the proximity of your bodies! Choose from 5 different Proximity options.
  6. Microphone – The built-in microphone in AXIS means using your voice to control the e-stim sensations is easier than ever. The mic has such high fidelity that we needed to add 10 sensitivity levels to cater for your exact scenario and needs. Choose from 5 different Mic options.
  7. Line In - Digital Signal Processing technology takes audio control to a whole new level with stereo-stim input. This mode lets you play your favourite tunes or specialist electro audio patterns from a phone, computer or other device to control AXIS. There are literally limitless pattern and sequence possibilities when using stereo sound input. Choose from 5 different Line-in options.

Gesture Mode

As well as using the tactile control buttons to control AXIS, you can also do it with contactless gestures. When in Gesture mode, every feature of AXIS can be manipulated with a wave of your hand. Pass your hand vertically upwards over the unit to increase intensity for both channels, or wave downwards to decrease both channels. A sideways gesture to the left increases the intensity of channel 1, while the same movement to the right will increase channel 2. You can also cycle through the menus and change patterns with these gestures. We have even built-in a “Practice Gestures” feature such that you can get the hang of it before trying it for real. The buttons will still work as normal in Gesture mode but gives you the option to avoid touching the unit at all. Perfect if your hands are sticky or busy! As with the Proximity mode, you don’t have to use your hand to operate this mode. Any distinct movement in front of the sensor will work, whether that’s a hand, an arm, a leg or a spanking paddle!

NOTE: If you have issues with your AXIS behaving 'unusually' there's a good chance it's been left in Gesture mode is responding to movement! Please watch this video for instructions on how to resume normal operation. 

Eco Friendly plus 100% Performance, 100% of the Time

AXIS features an environmentally conscious Lithium-Ion battery that is easily recharged with the supplied USB cable. A battery fuel gauge constantly monitors your use of AXIS for an accurate idea of how much power you have left at your current stimulation level. Depending on use, AXIS advanced e-stim stimulator can provide up to 8 hours of play from a single charge and will recharge to 80% in under an hour. Unlike other electro devices on the market, the AXIS has a regulated output that will provide the same amount of stimulation and will not drop unexpectedly, no matter the battery level. For example, level 10 will always feel the same whether you have 99% or 9% battery remaining.


We’ve designed AXIS to give you many years of happy electro play, so the firmware will be periodically updated to provide new patterns, new features and to improve performance. All you’ll need to do is plug it into a PC/Laptop or Mac using the included micro USB cable and follow the instructions provided at eu.electrastim.com/axis to quickly and easily ensure you have the most up-to-date version of firmware installed.


Not only are the Gesture and Proximity based modes within the AXIS stimulator a lot of fun to experiment with, they have also been developed with accessibility in mind. Users with reduced dexterity who may find traditional button or dial controls awkward will be able to control AXIS hands-free in the heat of the moment. A few button presses are needed to get started, but once these advanced motion sensors are activated, these modes are a doddle to operate.


Boasting a high speed 32-bit ARM Cortex micro-processor, AXIS advanced e-stim stimulator can process input data in real-time and translate it into high-quality, ultra-smooth stimulation signals. Multiple internal timers and communications interfaces have allowed us to also integrate a revolutionary gesture/proximity sensor, a 12-bit triple-axis accelerometer and battery fuel gauge - all displayed on a bright and crisp OLED graphic display. As with our Flick and Flick Duo stimulators, AXIS has fully regulated output control circuitry which means that stimulation levels do not drop as the internal battery discharges. Whether you use the in-built microphone for voice control, or the line-in to utilise sound files on your computer or smart phone, you can be assured of the purist sound control thanks to the implementation of DSP (Digital Signal Processing) algorithms.

Patent Pending

We think the contactless stimulation control features are so unique and fun that we have invested in protecting them across Europe and the USA.

Peace of Mind

The ElectraStim AXIS Luxury Electro Stimulator comes with a 1 year warranty as standard which can be extended to 3 years for free. All warranty registrants will also be contacted directly when new firmware updates are available.


  • Dual output
  • 99 Intensity levels
  • 7 Play Modes. 40+ options.
  • OLED graphic display
  • Motion control modes (Flick & Tilt)
  • Sound control modes (Microphone & Line-In)
  • Proximity and Gesture modes 
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery (0-80% charge in under an hour)
  • Adhesive electro-pads included
  • User updatable (Windows and Mac firmware uploader available)


Wave/Pulse Modes - Pre-programmed patterns that showcase a range of sensations (11 Wave/12 Pulse)

Flick Mode - Inherited from our EM60 unit, our patented Flick mode utilises the internal accelerometer. Literally flick the unit (like cracking a whip!) for a virtual spank of intensity to the connected accessory. 5 Varieties

Tilt - Tilt AXIS to control the sensation with precision. 5 Varieties.

Proximity - control the stimulation with the literal proximity of the unit to your body

Microphone - AXIS responds relation to external sounds/voice using an integrated microphone. 5 Varieties

Line-In - Use direct line-in audio (from any audio source with a 3.5mm headphone jack) to control the stimulation. 4 varieties.



What's Included?

AXIS is presented in a branded storage case that also has a small amount of spare storage space.

Included in the case:

  • 1x AXIS advanced e-stim stimulator (EM200)
  • 1x Belt clip
  • 1x USB charging/data cable
  • 1x Stereo Line-in cable
  • 2 x ElectraStim accessory cables
  • 4 x conductive pads
  • 1x Reset pin
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Warranty Card


Read Quick Start Guide

(English, French, German, Dutch, Spanish)

Read Full Instruction Manual


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Firmware Update History


Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews

Ready Player One is a lame fairytale compared to the Axis hooked up to some good FPS game. Listening to Mozart with it cured my depression. 10/10

Gery linz Oberösterreich
Kenne viele Geräte aber das ist fur mich das beste

Seit ca 2 Monaten habe ich das Gerät und viel im Gebrauch auch schon mal runter gefallen
Und es funktioniert noch immer wie beim ersten Einsatz
Verwende es um meine Sub zu stimulieren zu quellen zu bestrafen
Das ist alles möglich und knapp über der Hälfte der möglichen starke gibt sie wo und der spaß beginnt
(Fur die starke ist die große der Elektrode maßgeblich
Haben auch viele toys verwendet (auch andere Hersteller)
Was mich betrifft liebe ich die "wave" Programme um mich zu stimulieren oft bis zum Höhepunkt
Was mir fehlt ist ein selbst programmierbaren Programm (aus den vorhandenen oder zufälligen)
Was auch fehlt ist eine deutsche Übersetzung der Betriebsanleitung oder umstellen auf deutsch
Ein Spiel das ich besonders liebe ist meine sub zum stöhen zu bringen Dan das Micro zu ihr halten mit dem Effekt je lauter um so heftiger eine spannende Sache wer gewinnt
Preis ist hoch das stimmt aber erfüllt fast alle wunsche
Lieber einmal tief in die Tasche greifen als oft billig und nicht zufrieden
Ich habe selbst 15 tens Geräte uber die Jahre gekauft daher traue ich es mir auch zu zu Beurteilen
Wunsch allen den selben Spaß den ich mit dieser Form der stimulation
Gery aus uperaustria

Good product but really missing custom mode

Hi there,
I totally agree with Greg, the update 1.3 is good but I'am really MISSING A CUSTOM MODE too, where you can change frequence for ALL operating modes , as seen on many a whole lot simpler and cheaper products. ElectraStim tryed to fix it by using the tilt mode, but then you won't have the hands free and it's not easy to operate when you want to have a fixed speed, also it's not available on all modes. After all the quality is quite good and it's "strong" enough for E-Play, but I was expecting more for the money, so I am a bit disapointed. But customer service is really great. If that custom mode problem is solved, it would be one of the best products on the market. So enjoy your day and best regards to the ElectraStim team.

Good, but not yet perfect

Hello Electrastim, hello interested person,

I'm still a beginner regarding this topic, but i'd already like to share some (mostly technical) thoughts about the Electrastim Axis. I have it for about 2 weeks now, and used it several times (almost every day) by myself and with my girlfriend.

First of all, the build quality of the device is good, the buttons have a nice pressure point, so you don't "misclick" by accident, and it seems to be pretty sturdy from the feels. Also i really like the case, but it could be a little bit bigger for the accessoires you will (most definately) buy.
The cables are ok, pretty much standard, but for the price of this unit, they could be a bit more flexible, and the point where the two connectors can be seperated is too far out. So if you use monopolar toys, the second connector can only be like 20-30cm to the first.
For me, thats not a big problem, i'm an electrician, and will definately build some cables by myself, but it could be a bit more "user oriented".

I had slight issues with stability of the device, sometimes it seemed "overloaded" if thats the correct term to describe what i witnessed. I had it on for maybe 10-15 minutes on Wave Sync Fixed mode, and suddenly it started to stutter, resulting in "spikes" and flashyness in the signal. As I was used to the continous swelling and decreasing of the signal, these spikes were really annoying interrupting the flow. I also had this issue with the Flux function, sometimes hanging when tilting the device.
For me as a tech guy, it seemed like some kind of overload, like your PC hanging when doing heavy work and suddenly reacting again. Maybe it is useful information that i have Nerd Mode on, could be that the data logging is causing this issues.
As i only had these situations like 3-4 times (short hickups) in several hours of usage time, i consider this as a really minor issue.

I really like the different modes you get, with different frequencies and intervals, but what i REALLY REALLY REALLY miss, is a "Custom mode" (maybe something for a big firmware update *wink*):
The Custom mode should in my optinion include the option to change the following parameters:
- Frequency of the Signal ("fixed, adjustable in 10Hz steps", "min to max in 10Hz steps", "min to max between user defined limits in 10Hz steps" and "random between user defined limits in 10Hz steps") but i'm not sure what the hardware is capable of
- Intervals - On cycle ("0-5 seconds in 100ms steps", "random between user defined limits, in 100ms steps")
- Intervals - Off cycle ("0-5 seconds in 100ms steps", "random between user defined limits, in 100ms steps")
- Power ("Pulsating in interval time", "full selected power in interval time", "random during interval time")
- Difference between the two channels (On/off inverted, both the same, both random seperatly)

Additionally, it would be cool if you could select different modes for the channels, but if i had to choose, the custom mode would make it on my wishlist.

As i already ordered "some" more electro-toys you can imagine that i'm quite happy that i went with the axis :-) I think it is a good device with even more potential.

I wish everybody a happy and satisfying electrocuting ;-)

Thanks for your review Greg! We're also taking a look at the issue you describe with the 'stuttering' or 'hanging' effect. If you disable Nerd Mode in the configuration menu for now this will be addressed in the next firmware update which we're hoping to have ready in the next month or so. The Custom Mode is also a fantastic suggestion so thanks for that!
Also, with regards to the cables, you should have a small plastic 'choke' on there that allows you to length or shorten the distance between the connectors- hopefully that helps.


All i want i get with this toy