ElectraStim- EU Orders- Update

ElectraStim- EU Orders- Update

ElectraStim Europe

If you browse this site regularly you'll be aware that at the beginning of this year we put a freeze on all price changes for EU customers and would absorb the cost of any additional taxes or duties you may have been charged.

As many of you may know, these tax rules on shipping from the UK (where we're based) into the EU have changed again as of 1st July 2021 and it is no longer feasible to send parcels as 'Duty Paid'. 

So what does this mean?

When you order from this site, you pay for the order as normal but you are likely to receive an additional tax/duties charge before delivery. This charge will differ depending on your delivery country and will be disseminated to the local tax authorities centrally. 

We appreciate these changes are disappointing and inconvenient, so in order to 'compensate' customers for additional charges they may receive, we've lowered all of our prices by 20%.

Although each EU member state has a different level of tax (list included below) we feel that this blanket price lowering is the fairest way to ensure that everyone who wishes to buy directly from us isn't punished financially for doing so. 

Thank you for your patience and understanding. If you wish to discuss these changes with us, please email us at info@electrastim.com 

Your statutory rights and product Warranty are unaffected by these changes. 


Tax Rate %
Austria 20%
Belgium 21%
Bulgaria 20%
Croatia 25%
Cyprus 19%
Czechia 21%
Denmark 25%
Estonia 20%
Finland 24%
France 20%
Germany 19%
Greece 24%
Hungary 27%
Ireland 23%
Italy 22%
Latvia 21%
Lithuania 21%
Luxembourg 17%
Malta 18%
Netherlands 21%
Poland 23%
Portugal 23%
Romania 19%
Slovakia 20%
Slovenia 22%
Spain 21%
Sweden  25%
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