Men's Electro Sex Tips

What Is The Jack Socket Electro Stroker?

Men’s electro sex toys have come a long way in the last 10 years and thanks to modern technology, we’re able to create groundbreaking new toys that push the erotic boundaries of e-stim even further.

Jack Socket is a unique sex toy for men, made exclusively by ElectraStim, that combines the pleasure of a realistic stroker with the powerful and pleasurable sensations of e-stim. The result is an intense sexual experience that no other sex toy before it has created. In fact, the experience is so unique that Jack Socket is the only electro-masturbator for men on the market.

Jack Socket has a case made from soft, flexible silicone and a realistic feel sleeve made from TPE. The case features 2mm pin connection, allowing you to use it with any ElectraStim stimulator as well as a variety of other devices by using our adapters.

Sensation is conducted by inserting conductive gel (included in the pack) into the gel ports found in the case. Water-based lube is then applied to the textured sleeve to provide a slippery, wet sensation inside. A sample is included in the pack.

When the stimulator powers up, the tingling and throbbing sensations electrastim create are transmitted straight to where you want them most, accompanied by the intensely pleasurable feeling of realistic stroking. Squeeze, twist, stroke and thrust while you throb in time with stimulation.

How To Use Jack Socket

Jack Socket requires conductive gel, which comes included in the pack. This is inserted into the gel ports and allows sensation to be conducted
through the sleeve. Water-based lubricant is then applied to the inside of the sleeve to give a slippery, wet and natural feel.

Grip is fully adjustable thanks to the truly flexible case, squeeze to adjust the pressure to your liking and get ready to power up your stimulator. The inner sleeve also comes in 'Standard' or 'XL' sizes so you can pick the diameter that best suits your anatomy. 

The sensation starts with a gentle tingle that comes and goes in time with the stimulation pattern. Patterns vary between stimulator models, but they generally throb, wave, pulsate, escalate and fall – or a combination of all three!

Increase the power and your erotic muscles start to clench and relax in time with the tingle, feeling similar to the contractions you feel during orgasm – but lasting as long as play. For many men, this is enough to bring them to orgasm but if you need more – you’ll love the textured sleeve. Its full curves expertly massage your length, with the open-ended design allowing you to focus pressure and stimulation where you want it most.

Jack Socket Electro-Sex Tips:

  • Pre-warm the lube, conductive gel and realistic sleeve by immersing them in a sink of medium-to-hot water and leave them there for 5 minutes. Make sure you pat the sleeve dry before returning it to the case. The added heat from pre-warming really adds to the realistic sensations.
  • Start off slowly with a long, wavering pattern on your stimulator and low level stimulation. Increase power, tightness of grip and the speed/ intensity of stimulation gradually for a more intense orgasm.
  • Feel sensation surrounding your glans and frenulum by squeezing the open end closed and rolling the sleeve in slow, gyrating motions.
  • If you own an ElectraStim Flick or Flick Duo, you can truly synchronise your stroke with e-stim by experimenting with ‘Flick’ mode. Feel stimulation quicken and intensify with the movements of your stroke

Cleaning and Maintenance: 

Jack Socket can be fully disassembled for cleaning using soapy water and an anti-bacterial sex toy cleaner. The inner sleeve can be dusted with renewing powder after cleaning to maintain suppleness and extend life. Make sure all components are dry before reassembling the stroker and replacing the cap to protect the sleeve during storage.

Replacement Jack Socket Sleeves are available.

Pack Contents:

    • Jack Socket male masturbator/stroker – comprised of a flexible case with caps and realistic sleeve
    • 60g tube of electro conductive gel
    • Sample of lubricant
    • Multi-language instructions (EN, FR, DE, NL, ES, IT)

You will also need an ElectraStim stimulator to feel the required sensations as well as a sex toy cleaner, water based lube and conductive gel for the optimum experience. 

For videos, reviews and cleaning advice please visit the main Jack Socket page.


Guide To Anal and Prostate Toys

Using anal sex toys is an incredibly pleasurable way to enhance your sexual experiences. All men have a prostate, also known as the P-spot or male G-spot, and it can be found approximately 3 inches inside his bottom on the wall behind his penis. It’s a gland that’s responsible for producing some of the fluid in ejaculate and it can feel incredibly sexy when it’s caressed. Some men can even orgasm through prostate stimulation alone, so it’s easy to see why men enjoy anal play.

The prostate can be difficult to stimulate as it can’t always be reached using a finger, especially if you want to stimulate it yourself. For this reason specialist anal sex toys are a popular choice as it takes all of the hard work out of experimenting with prostate play, also known as prostate milking.

Prostate Stimulation For Anal Sex Beginners:

If you’re not used to anal play you’ll need to acclimatise your body to the sensation of being penetrated and that’s best achieved with a smaller sex toy. You’ll want to use plenty of lubricant as the ass isn’t self-lubricating, so make sure that you add lube to your shopping basket. If you want to use your own lubricant, make sure that it doesn’t contain silicone as this acts as an electrical insulator.

For first time anal play, try using the ElectraStim Aura Butt Plug. It’s our best anal sex toy for beginners thanks to its tapered shape, slimline tip, slender girth and petite length. Some will find that it’s not quite long enough to reach their prostate but it’s the ideal introduction to anal electro-stimulation as the plug is easy to insert and incredibly fun to wear.

If you want to go straight for prostate e-stim then you’ll need to buy one of our longer anal sex toys like the Silicone Noir Aura Multi-Probe. Measuring up at 3 inches in length, it’s ideally sized to hit your sweet spot. The simple shape is easy to insert and comfortable to wear, so it’s still beginner friendly.

Those feeling confident with using anal sex toys will find a wealth of products perfect for prostate stimulation in our prostate toys section of the website. The ElectraStim Silicone Noir Sirius Prostate Massager is sized and shaped especially for prostate massage and it also has an adjustable shape to help you perfect angles and pressure on your p-spot. Our Luxury Metal Depth Charge and Tadpole probes also offer the perfect insertion depth for pristine prostate stimulation.

How To 'Milk' Your Prostate

Once you’ve chosen your anal sex toy it’s time for the fun to begin. You’ll want to be aroused before you start penetration, this will make it easier to insert the toy and will make the experience much more erotic. Spend some time indulging in regular masturbation and a little anal masturbation with your finger, taking time to tease your perineum and anus with slow circling motions before you dip inside.

Once your electrode is fully inserted you can bring electrostimulation into play. Switch on your ElectraStim stimulator (sold separately) and slowly increase the intensity until you start to feel sensation. You can then choose a pattern that matches your desires. Choosing a slow and wavering pattern to begin with will tease your prostate and create sensual throbbing in your pelvic floor muscles, deepening your arousal.

Try slowly rocking your body against the electrode in time with the pattern for a mind-blowing build up to orgasm. The tip of the toy will nuzzle your prostate as you move and leaning against it will increase the pressure for a firmer massage that excites you further.

You can try working your way to a hands-free orgasm by listening to your body. If you feel like you want more power, turn up the intensity. If you feel like you want to rock faster, switch to a quicker pattern like a bursting pulse.

It takes practice and patience to have a prostate orgasm and it can take many attempts to perfect the art. If you find it’s all too teasing, bring your hands into play and rhythmically stroke your penis to bring yourself to an intense orgasm. No matter how you choose to enjoy your prostate play, it’s likely to be an incredibly hot experience that you want to relive again and again.

Recommended Toys For Anal Play:

ElectraStim Silicone Noir Sirius Prostate Massager

100% medical-grade, platinum-cured silicone with seamless quadri-polar contacts. Internal and perineum stimulation. Best used with a dual-channel stimulator

ElectraStim Silicone Noir Aura Multi
100% medical-grade, platinum-cured silicone with seamless bi-polar contacts.

ElectraStim Luxury Metal Depth Charge Probe
Laminated construction with aluminium bi-polar contacts and an insulated memory-coil flexible stem.

ElectraStim Luxury Metal Tadpole Probe
Laminated construction with aluminium bi-polar contacts and a soft, flexible tail.





How Do I Use Urethral Probes?

What You Need for ElectraStim Sounding:

If you were to ask most men what the scariest sexual thing they can think of is, urethral sounding would probably be up there at the top. The idea of inserting a piece of metal into the penis is enough to make a lot of guys cross their legs in fear but in reality it’s one of the sexiest experiences a guy can have… 

We’re a pretty experimental bunch and as a result we’ve created a range of urethral dilators designed especially for erotic electro-stimulation. They measure up at 130mm in length and come in a range of widths to suit different experience levels.

Far from being a painful experience, using an e-stim sound will give you intense pleasure, building you up to an intense orgasm. The tingling sensations resonate from inside your shaft, making your pelvic floor contract so the sound rises and falls in time with stimulation. This means you don’t need to manually manipulate the sound to experience the best sexual pleasure, you can let your stimulator do all of the hard work.

Urethral Sounding For Beginners:

If you’re completely new to sounding we recommend that you start off without using electrostimulation. It can take a few attempts for your body to get used to the sensation of being penetrated in this way and bringing electric into the mix early on is often too intense. Our sounds come in 3 sizes – 5mm, 7mm and 9mm.

You can try buying a set of traditional sounds to find the best size for you first, this will allow you to experiment with different fits. You should always try the smallest possible size when experimenting with sounding. We’ve chosen 5mm as our smallest size as it offers a close fit and that’s more desirable when bringing electro-stimulation into play. Always use plenty of sterile lubricant for comfortable play. 


How To Insert Urethral Sounds:

We always recommend that you urinate before play, there’s nothing worse than needing a wee part way through your experimentation.

Your ElectraStim sounding kit includes 3 sachets of sterile wipes and 3 sachets of sterile lube. Use one of the sterile wipes to wipe down the entire surface of the sound and to clean your urethral opening.

Prepare your sound for use by coating the metal surface with the sterile lubricant. You should find there’s plenty spare for reapplication if needed during play. You should also lubricate your urethral opening to assist insertion. Once you’re all lubed up, you’re ready to get started. You can insert the sound while either flaccid or erect. Do not attempt to insert the sound to a greater depth than the length of your shaft.

Just like with anal play, it’s important that you take sounding slowly. Pull back your foreskin and hold your glands steady with your weakest hand, using your dominant hand to guide the sound into your urethra. You should hold your penis straight but not stretched and use minimal force to guide the sound insideyou.

The more relaxed you feel, the easier you will find it. Don’t ever try to push the sound inside you; if you are using enough lubricant then you should just allow gravity and the weight of the probe to pull it into your urethra. Your hand should only be there to support its path! 

On your first attempt you may find that the sound does not slide completely into place with ease, so some of the sound will protrude from the end of your penis.

Allow the sound to rest and give your body time to acclimatise to the sensation of being penetrated, this can take a few seconds or a few minutes. Always listen to your body and be patient with your experimentation.

When you’re ready to continue with insertion, you’ll need to adjust the angle of your penis. Move your penis and carefully adjust the angle of the sound until you start to feel it slip into your urethra. It may feel unusual at first but if it feels painful then stop immediately and readjust. 

If at any stage you feel sharp pains or localised pain in just one part of your urethra, especially where the tip of the sound is resting, you should carefully withdraw the sound. So long as you are taking things gently you shouldn’t have a problem.

Following your introduction to sounding you may find that you feel a mild burning sensation when you urinate. It can last for a few hours or a few days and it’s completely normal. Much like when you first try anal play or even when women first try vaginal sex, the body reacts to what is an alien sensation but it’s nothing to worry about. However, if you feel intense pain or it lasts for a long time then you should consult your doctor. 

Try using your sound like this a couple of times before you start trying masturbation alongside it. Ensure that you don’t use vigorous force during stroking and never ejaculate while using the sound.

How To Mix Erotic Electro-Stimulation and Urethral Sounding 

You’ll already need to own an ElectraStim stimulator to power your sound. You can use stimulators by other brands but you may need an adapter kit and because sounds are uni-polar you’ll also need a second uni-polar electrode. Try an electro cock ring worn around your penis and testicles for the deepest sensations.

Connect your sound to your ElectraStim stimulator and prepare your second uni-polar electrode. If you’re using a cock ring you’ll want to put it on before you’re erect and should opt for a looser fit.

Clean, lubricate and insert your sound, then it’s time for the fun to start. Switch on your stimulator and slowly increase intensity until you begin to feel sensation. You’ll want to take things gently to ensure it doesn’t feel too intense. Sensations will feel like they’re coming from deep within your shaft and the fit will feel tighter as your urethra clenches around the sound.

Change the stimulation setting to a pattern and your pelvic floor muscles will start to contract, making the sound rise and fall in time with stimulation. The stronger the contractions, the more the sound will move and you may find that you have to steady it to prevent it from slipping out.

Some men find that they achieve full erection during play while others remain flaccid or become semi erect. Neither response is more desirable, so long as stimulation feels good and you feel your orgasmic energy building – you’re doing it right!

When you feel yourself close to orgasm you should switch off your stimulator and remove the sound before you climax.


Expert Tip: Fans of CBT should team their urethra probe with our SensaVox stimulator powered by the mains for the most intense experience.


Prostate Milking and Hands-Free Orgasms

What Is Prostate Massage?

Both men and women often try anal stimulation as a way to enhance the pleasure they feel during masturbation, foreplay and sex. Men can find the experience especially rewarding as Prostate Milking & Hands Free Orgasms are not only possible but achievable for most men.

All men have a gland called the prostate that’s located approximately 3-4 inches inside their anus and rhythmically stroking it can create some seriously sexy sensations. Stimulating the prostate in this way is called prostate massage or prostate milking and it can bring a man to orgasm without so much as touching his penis. The easiest way to achieve the coveted prostate hands-free orgasm (HFO) is by using a specialist prostate massager.

Prostate massagers are anal sex toys designed especially to tickle, tease and pleasure the prostate. They have a curvy shaft and a wide base that ensures the toy stays in place. You should never try stimulating the prostate with a sex toy that hasn’t been designed to be safe for anal use. We’ve created a specialist electro prostate massager for use with our ElectraStim Stimulators to help you explore the pleasures of prostate play.

What Is The ElectraStim Sirius Prostate Massager?

Sirius is a smooth silicone sex toy for men that features four electro-conductive contacts and is our only quadripolar toy. You will need a dual-channel stimulator like ElectraStim Flick Duo or SensaVox to power all four contacts at once and enjoy the full sensation. If you have a single-channel stimulator like ElectraStim Flick, you can use it to power any two contacts at once.

We’ve positioned the contacts to optimise the sensations you feel during play, combining internal and external stimulation to maximise your pleasure. You’ll experience erotic tingles and powerful contractions in your pelvic floor muscles, causing the angled tip to nudge and massage your prostate rhythmically. Try different pattern settings and different connection combinations to find your favourite stimulation style. You can have sensation alternating from side to side, stimulating in synchronisation across all four contacts or alternating between the shaft and perineum stimulator by experimenting with different patterns and electrode combinations.

To ensure the best-possible fit for your body, we’ve added added Shape and Play technology to the length. Bend the tip, shaft and perineum stimulator into the best position for you. The customisable shape improves contact with your most sensitive spots so you can experience hands-free stimulation that feels tailor made for your body.


How To Use Sirius:

Before you start play, you’ll need to connect Sirius to your stimulator. You’ll find the four connecting inputs embedded in the base. The two points directly below the shaft control the contacts in the length. The two in the perineum stimulator give you those sexy sensations against your perineum. Once you’ve connected the contacts in your desired combination, it’s time to insert the length. Do not switch your stimulator on until Sirius is fully inserted.

We’ve designed Sirius to be beginner friendly but you would benefit from some prior experience to get you used to the sensation of anal penetration. The 4-inch length and 4.45-inch girth can be managed by those with some anal sex toy experience or those used to finger play because the shaft is tapered for gradual insertion. Use plenty of water-based lubricant along the length and take your time, you should find that once you relax into the sensations, the silicone slides inside you with ease.

You should spend some time on foreplay or masturbation before inserting Sirius. Even very experienced anal sex toy fans would struggle to insert a toy without being aroused first. Try stroking with ElectraStim Cock Rings and using the tip of Sirius to tease your perineum and opening before you slip the tip inside you. Slowly sliding Sirius in and out will gradually widen you, allowing you to progressively increase the depth of penetration.

When you feel nicely warmed up, it’s time to angle Sirius for the best fit. The best place to start is by reducing the angle between the shaft and the stimulator. What feels best is different for every man, so adjust the shape bit by bit until you get that ‘right there’ feeling. You may find that you want to adjust Sirius further to increase or decrease pressure against your prostate as you play. Learning prostate massage is a varied art and you can expect to have a few sessions before you perfect your routine. If you want to adjust Sirius at any point during play, make sure you switch off the power first.

Before choosing your stimulation pattern it’s wise to pick your intensity level using the continuous stimulation setting. Patterns rhythmically peak and decline so deciding exactly how much they’ll peak is best done with consistent stimming. You don’t want things to feel too intense straight away.

To get the rhythmic prostate massage you’re yearning for, pick a slow and wavering pattern. Prostate milking is usually a slow process that requires patience to master and you’ll find the sensations much more rewarding if you allow yourself to slowly build up. As you feel yourself become more aroused you can switch up the intensity. You want to reach the level where your pelvic floor muscles are deeply contracting around Sirius, throbbing away and nudging that curvy tip against your P-spot.

Prostate Massage Sex Tips:

It takes time and patience to learn to have a hands-free prostate orgasm, so don’t be disappointed if you take matters into your own hands as you feel yourself hovering on the brink of climax. There are a variety of tips and tricks you can try to enhance sensations and improve stimulation. Try experimenting with some of these nifty prostate milking tips to see if they send you over the edge.

– Try adding a little electro-conductive gel to the perineum stimulator to improve the smoothness and intensity of external stimulation

– Kneel up or lie on your side and rock your hips back and forth in a thrusting motion. This will increase the pressure you’re placing against your prostate and add to the electro sensations

– Switch things up by choosing an alternating pattern, stimulating the prostate and perineum at different times

– Disconnect one side of the shaft and use the extra pin to connect an electro cock ring to your stimulator. Wear a ring around your penis (or penis and testicles) and the current will pass through your prostate for an intensified experience

– Try motion-activated stimulation with Flick Duo. Flick Duo has four motion activated modes, allowing you to create your own stimulating patterns that better match your desires.


Can Electro-Stimulation Be Used To Help Erectile Dysfunction?

Electrotherapy studies suggest that electro-stimulation could help to treat erectile dysfunction in men. Before trying any form of therapy you should consult your doctor for an accurate diagnosis and advice on how to treat the symptoms.

Those suffering from erectile dysfunction caused by venous occlusion may find that training their muscles with an electro stimulator and electrodes improves their symptoms. A small study conducted by the Department of Urology at the University Hospital, Katholieke Universeiteit Leuven in Belgium, showed some promising results.

71% of the participants found that their symptoms improved during the course of the study, with 47% regaining normal erections. The electrostimulation was focused on the perineum and participants were asked to actively exercise their pelvic floors during stimulation, clenching and releasing in time with the stimulation pattern.

It’s possible for men to use ElectraStim electrodes to help them perform muscle-strengthening pelvic floor exercises. By clenching and releasing your pelvic floor in time with a stimulation pattern, you can do similar exercises to those undertaken in the study.

How Do I Locate My Pelvic Floor?

Your pelvic floor consists of the muscles that operate your genitourinary system. You’ll feel them at their most active during orgasm and you can locate them by stopping and starting streams of urine. In order to exercise your pelvic floor, you’ll need to master the art of clenching and relaxing these muscles.

If you’re having trouble locating your pelvic floor muscles, try inserting a finger into your anus and practice clenching around it. When you feel your anus tighten around your finger, you’re successfully clenching and releasing your pelvic floor muscles.

Using ElectraStim Products For Male Pelvic Floor Exercise:

You will need:

  • An ElectraStim stimulator
  • A set of ElectraLoops cock rings and conductive gel
  • A set of ElectraPads self-adhesive pads (included with most stimulators)
  • An anal electrode (optional)

The most cost-effective option is to buy the ElectraStim Flick EM60-M Multipack. This includes a stimulator, a set of pads, a set of loops, gel and a stimulating electrode that can be used anally.


Which Electrodes Should I Use For Pelvic Floor Stimulation (male)?

Which electrodes you choose to use will depend on your personal preferences and also your abilities.

Anal Electrodes

Those who find it difficult to locate or control their pelvic floor may find that using an anal electrode is helpful. Inserting an anal electrode and selecting a pattern setting will cause the pelvic floor muscles to contract in time with stimulation, effectively clenching your pelvic floor for you. Once you’ve located your pelvic floor muscles, you can switch to the continuous stimulation setting and practice your exercises. If you lose control over your muscles, simply revert back to a pattern setting.

Self Adhesive Pads

Self-adhesive pads are used to stimulate the perineum (the bit between your anus and testicles). They can be trimmed to fit but be aware that the smaller the area of contact with your body, the more intense stimulation will feel. You’ll therefore want to use a lower level of stimulation with a smaller-sized pad.

If you want to use pads, we recommend trimming any body hair first to give a close fit against the skin. You’ll need to wear two pads at once and you’ll find it easiest to apply them if you lift your testicles and pull the skin taught.

Cock Rings

Cock rings are used to stimulate the pelvic floor via the penis. For some men this feels incredibly pleasurable and can temporarily counteract some of the effects of ED. By adjusting the rings so that they fit tightly around the shaft and behind the testicles, you restrict the blood flow out of your penis as well as directly stimulating your pelvic floor.

Combining Electrodes To Stimulate Multiple Areas

It’s possible to use a combination of any two electrodes to provide stimulation of the penis and anus, the anus and perineum or the penis and perineum simultaneously. Simply plug one connecting pin into each of your electrodes. Try experimenting with different combinations to find what works best for you.

Electro-Stimulation Patterns For Pelvic Floor Exercise 

Pelvic floor exercises (also known as Kegel exercises) are undertaken by tightly clenching the pelvic floor muscles, holding and then releasing. Just like with working out any muscles, the idea is to do repetitions (or reps) of a variety of different exercises.

ElectraStim Flick has 7 pattern settings which can be helpful for those looking to undertake pelvic floor exercises alongside electrostimulation.


Beginner's Kegel Exercises For Men:

A constant stream of electrostimulation can cause your muscles to clench tightly without releasing. The higher the power level, the tighter your muscles will try to clench. Beginners will find it easiest to do their exercises with pattern 1, it offers you a little boost but doesn’t set a pace for exercise. Find a comfortable power level to work with, you’ll need to be able to actively clench and release your muscles during stimulation. Try the following repetitions:

5 x clenches, hold for 2 seconds, release, pause for 5 seconds.

3 x clenches, hold for 4 seconds, release, pause for 3 seconds.

1 x clench, hold for 6 seconds.

You are aiming to increase the length of time you can hold your muscles for and to be able to repeat them quickly. As your pelvic floor improves, you’ll be able to do more. When you feel like you’re ready for the next phase, try the following exercises:

5 x clenches, hold for 4 seconds, release, pause for 3 seconds

5 x clenches, hold for 6 seconds, release, pause for 2 seconds

5 x fast clenches, hold for 1 second, release and repeat

Try to do these exercises a couple of times a day at first, at least once a week. The more frequently you exercise your pelvic floor, the sooner you’re likely to see any improvement.


Intermediate Kegel Exercises For Men

ElectraStim Flick has a couple of really good pattern settings that can help set the pace of your workout. Pattern 2 offers an elongated clench and a pause that you can clench in time with, this is a great step up from the kegel exercises for beginners. Try doing the exercises for short periods of time and slowly increase the length of time you exercise for and increase intensity at a pace you’re comfortable with. How long you stimulate for is up to you but doing it for a couple of minutes per day will help you on your way.

Pattern 4 offers longer clenches and a shorter break in between reps. Try switching to this setting for a more thorough work out that’s still intermediate friendly.


Advanced Kegel Exercises For Men

If you want to try something really advanced, switch to pattern 6 which offers quickening pulsations that lead to continuous stimulation. Try and match the clenches and when you can no longer keep pace, hold your muscles taught until the pause. This exercise is incredibly difficult to follow and you’ll need plenty of training if you’re going to try to keep up.


Benefits Of Pelvic Floor Exercises For Men

The pelvic floor muscles have been associated with a lot of different elements of genitourinary health. It is thought that those with a stronger pelvic floor are not only less likely to suffer from urinary incontinence, they also benefit from more powerful orgasms.


Although ElectraStim was created for pleasure (you’ll see!), we have received positive feedback from those who have used our devices for both sexual reasons and bodily improvement. We don't offer any medical guarantees but hopefully you’ll find doing Kegel exercises with ElectraStim devices a fun and worth-while experience.


Guide For Using Non-Adjustable Cock Rings

Electro cock rings are a popular sex toy for men because they’re easy to use and they can enhance sexual pleasure in a number of ways. Just like traditional cock rings, they can improve the virility of your erection by slowing blood flow out of the penis, engorging your length to make it harder. You could also experience gentle swelling that makes your penis look and feel bigger, as well as benefiting from prolonged sexual pleasure during wear.

Electro cock rings are similar to vibrating cock rings in that they also bring added stimulation to your sexual experiences. Connect our metal cock rings to any ElectraStim stimulator and they’ll transmit erotic tingles that cause your length to throb in time with stimulation, escalating the pleasure you feel and improving your sexual satisfaction.

Our classic Solid Metal Cock Rings and Prestige Cock Rings are made from a solid piece of metal to offer a restrictive but comfortable fit. Because they have no flex or ability to adjust, we sell a range of sizes to suit different girths and to fit different parts of the shaft.

If you’re not used to wearing non-adjustable cock rings, it’s best to measure your penis to find the right size for you. If you already own other cock rings that fit well, you can buy the same size as you already wear. It’s worth remembering that a metal cock ring has a more snug fit than rings made from silicone, rubber or other flexible materials.

How To Measure Yourself For A Cock Ring

Cock rings are usually sized by diameter but a penis is 3D, so you’ll need to do a quick calculation to find the right size. For the best fit, record your measurements in mms. All of our cock rings have measurements in both inches and mms so it’s easier to choose the correct size.

You will need to be fully erect in order to take an accurate measurement. Take a tape measure and wrap it around the part of the penis where the cock ring will be worn. The best places to wear our electro-sex cock rings are just below the glans (or head) and at the very base of your shaft. Record the measurement and then divide it by 3.15 to find your cock ring diameter.

Eg: A measurement of 158mm would have a diameter of 50mm. 158 divided by 3.15 = 50.16.

The measurement can be a little smaller than the diameter of the ring without affecting comfort. A slightly bigger measurement will also fit but you won’t achieve the tight fit required to get the true cock ring effect.

If you are in between ring sizes, it is worth buying the size smaller and the size bigger to find the one that works best for you.

How To Use Your ElectraStim Solid Metal Cock Rings

Connect your chosen cock ring to your ElectraStim Stimulator and team it with another uni-polar electrode. All ElectraStim Cock rings are uni-polar, so you will need to wear two at once or wear one alongside any other uni-polar electrode to complete the circuit. You could even give an electrode to your partner to share sensations.

Apply some electro-conductive gel to the inside of the ring before you put it on. This will ensure that sensation is effectively conducted during play and will also ensure that the intensity of stimulation doesn’t increase unexpectedly should moisture (such as vaginal lubrication or stroking lubricant) come into contact with the ring during play.

Metal cock rings can be tricky to fit so it’s best to put them on before you become erect. The tighter fit makes it difficult to shimmy a ring into place once you’re hard. If you have measured yourself before buying a ring you shouldn’t find the fit feels too restrictive to be comfortable. If at any point the ring feels too tight or painful, or you notice any undesirable changes in colour or temperature, you should cease play and remove the ring.

Once your ring is in place, it’s time for the fun to start. For the best experience we recommend you select a pattern setting on your stimulator, sending waves of stimulation through your length and creating that throbbing sensation that makes wearing an electro cock ring feel so good. 

You can enjoy the sensations alongside stroking for a rhythmic thrill along your whole length or indulge in foreplay and sex with your partner. Why not try a teasing experience by letting the electro-stimulation do all of the work for you? Some men can edge toward a hands-free orgasm (HFO) by adjusting the pattern settings and intensity as they become more aroused, pushing them over the orgasmic edge for a powerfully satisfying climax.


Guide To Use Adjustable Cock Rings

Cock rings are a popular sex toy for men because they can help to prolong your sexual pleasure as well as improve the intensity of your orgasm. When you wear ElectraStim adjustable cock rings you can also enjoy highly erotic electro-stimulation sensations to amp up your sexual pleasure and accentuate the effectiveness of other sexual contact.

Our adjustable cock rings are the perfect choice for men who want a customisable fit or for lovers looking to surprise their partner with a new sex toy. Because the size is highly adjustable, these cock rings can be worn anywhere around the shaft so stimulation is targeted to your most sensitive areas. There’s also no need to worry about finding the right size because the adjustable fit is suitable for most. We sell 4 different types of adjustable cock rings to suit different tastes. All of our cock rings are uni-polar so you’ll need to wear 2 at once or use 1 alongside any other uni-polar electrode.

ElectraLoops Cock Rings 

Our ElectraLoops are made from latex-free conductive rubber. The soft texture provides a restrictive fit with a little more stretch for a more comfortable fit. A simple slide adjuster allows them to open up to a 2.75-inch diameter so they can be worn as a cock-and-ball ring as well as around the shaft. 2 loops are included in each pack. Want to take a closer look at ElectraLoops? See the ElectraStim ElectraLoops Conductive Rubber Cock Rings.


Prestige ElectraLoops Cock Rings

A step up from our classic rubber loops, Prestige ElectraLoops are made from a 6.5mm thick rubber that hugs the penis tightly for a greater surface area of contact and more even stimulation. This design lets you utilise higher levels of stimulation as the sensation is spread more deeply and intensely than before.

Each loop has a CNC machined aluminium adjustment choke with one of three different anodized colour finishes: Red, Silver or Gold. The anodizing process also prevents the metal adjuster from being conductive while the shape allowed us to embed the connection inside so there’s no more confusion when plugging in your stimulator!

You get two unipolar loops in each pack (in your choice of colour finish) and full instructions for use.

See ElectraStim Prestige ElectraLoops Adjustable Cock Rings


ElectraLoops Metallic Cock Loops

Similar to our ElectraLoops but with a smaller maximum diameter of 1.75 inches and made from a stretchy metal coil. ElectraLoops Metallic Cock Rings offer a firmer fit than the rubber version so you’ll be more aware of the cock rings during wear. 2 cock loops are included in each pack.   

Want to take a closer look at ElectraLoops Metallic Cock Rings?

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ElectraLoop Metallic Large Cock Ring

This larger ElectraLoop Metallic Scrotal Loop is ideal for bigger chaps who want the experience offered by our regular Metallic ElectraLoops. Because it has a diameter of up to 2.75 inches, it can be worn around both the penis and the testicles to direct sensations to the very base of your manhood. 1 Metallic Large Cock Ring is included in the pack so you’ll need to use another uni-polar electrode to complete the circuit. 

Want to take a closer look at ElectraLoop Metallic Large? See the ElectraStim ElectraLoops metallic Scrotal Loop.




These stretchy ElectraBand Cock Rings are made from elasticated fabric woven with conductive fibers. They easily adjust to a 2.75-inch diameter and because they’re made from fabric they offer a softer fit than our other cock rings. This means you won’t feel such a prominent cock ring effect but you’ll still benefit from the same sensations. The stretchier fit also ensures the bands don’t pinch when you swell to your largest girth before orgasm. 2 are included in each pack. Want to take a closer look at ElectraBands? See the ElectraStim ElectraBand Cock Rings.



How to Use ElectraStim Adjustable Cock Rings

It’s easy to use our cock rings to enhance the sensations you feel during masturbation, sex and foreplay. Wearing 2 cock rings will allow you to feel sensation throughout your length and could even bring you to orgasm with no other stimulation required. For the best results you should wear the rings around the most sensitive parts of your penis. For many men this is just below the glans and at the base of your shaft, but you should experiment to find the combination that feels best to you. When stimulation is set to a pattern you will feel tingling and contractions around the rings and your whole length will feel like it’s throbbing to the beat of your chosen pattern. If you want to enjoy the sensations during foreplay, oral sex and sex, you can wear both rings at the base of your shaft or around both your penis and testicles. The sensations will be concentrated in the base of your shaft and will feel more intense. Wearing the rings at the base will leave your length free for stroking, sucking and thrusting, escalating the erotic thrills you enjoy with your partner or even with a male masturbator such as a Fleshlight.

Cock Rings and Conductive Gel

Cock rings are external electrodes and they benefit from the application of some electro-conductive gel to boost sensations and ensure good conductivity. Electro-conductive gel is available in the Lubes, Gels & Cleaners section of the site. Applying just a little gel to the inside of the rings will vastly improve sensations to ensure a satisfying sexual experience.



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