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Cables and Adapters

Looking for a replacement ElectraStim cable or adapter? Want to use another brand of e-stim stimulator or electro sex toy with your ElectraStim kit? You've come to the right place. Here you'll find all of the sundry items you need to complete your electro sex kit, including 2mm - 4mm e-stim adapters, charging wires and 2mm pin connecting cables.

ElectraStim 2mm Replacement Cable

For use with any ElectraStim Stimulator or accessory. If you have toys or a stimulator from another brand though, please visit our Cables and Adapters section as this cable can be made compatible with your existing products.  We include a...

Square Self-Adhesive ElectraPads (4 Pack)

A set Uni-polar ElectraPads are an essential part of any electrosex kit. Versatile in application and sensation, they can be worn anywhere below the waist to improve erotic and sadomasochistic sensations. With power levels lowered they work similarly to a...

Adapter Kit - ElectraStim standard adapter to 3.5mm socket (single cable)

Convert the standard ElectraStim output socket to a 3.5mm audio style socket (6 inch long cable) Compatible with all ElectraStim Stimulator units and any toy with a 3.5mm plug (including from other manufacturers) Each converter allows you to convert one...

Adapter Kit- 3.5mm to ElectraStim Standard socket (single cable)

What's Included? 3.5mm (headphone) jack to Standard ElectraStim connector- 6 inch long cable. Compatible with any e-stim stimulator that has a 3.5mm socket to convert any ElectraStim accessory for us with any kit you already own.

Adapter Cable Kit- 3.5mm/2.5mm Jack

If you already own a TENS unit or a specialist electro sex machine and you'd like to use ElectraStim sex toys with your existing kit... you can! This specialist adaptor kit transforms stimulators with 2.5mm and 3.5mm jack outputs so...

Adapter Kit - 4mm Banana Plug to 2mm Pin Converter Kit (2 Pack)

Not every electrosex company uses the same style of connecters on their stimulation units and electrodes, so it can be hard to mix and match different brands. If your existing stimulator uses a 4mm banana plug to connect to electrodes...

Adapter Kit - 2mm Pin to 4mm Banana Plug Converter Kit (2 Pack)

If you've seen an electrode for sale elsewhere that you're dying to try, you can adapt your ElectraStim stimulator to power it. This pack of 2 adaptors allows you to use any ElectraStim stimulator with electrodes that have a 4mm...

Adapter Kit - Press Stud Connectors (2 Pack)

A set of two adapters for use with any ElectraStim stimulator kit. Suitable for use with any connecting wire that has 2mm pin output. For use with electro sex toys with 4mm press stud connection. 

Long Self Adhesive ElectraPads (4 Pack)

Self-adhesive electro-conductive pads are some of the most versatile styles of electrode available. Perfect for couple's play, they can be worn anywhere below the waist to enhance your sexual pleasure during masturbation, foreplay, oral sex and sex. Our Long ElectraPads...