ElectraStim Triphase Combiner Cable


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Using the ElectraStim Triphase Combiner Cable to convert your dual channel stimulator for use with three accessories (or one bipolar and one unipolar) instead of four.

By combining the sensations from two channels into three outputs you can experience an entirely new type of play that lets you experiment with a variety of unique set-ups. 


Cable Length: 6 inches/150mm


How To Use A Triphase E-Stim Cable 

The best way to describe the configuration is to show you!

You can then use the plugs to connect to three unipolar items, or one bipolar and one unipolar.

Essentially when combining the output current from two isolated channels the sensation can phase between the three connections. One of the simplest triphase set-ups would be a cock loop under the head of the penis, another around the base of the shaft and then a single electro-pad placed against the perineum. 

The black connection (see diagram) in our recommended configuration is 'common' and will feel the most intense, so in this scenario, you'd connect it to the cock ring at the head of the penis. The remaining two red connections would be plugged into the second cock ring and the electro pad. 

As the current flows between and across the toys from two outputs the sensation intensifies and creates an almost 3D effect. Think of it like electro sex in stereo!

As this is an advanced use of e-stim, if you have any questions about configuration or compatibility, please contact us at info@electrastim.com