Sterile Lubricant Sachets (10)


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Used by medical professionals Aqualube (also called AquaGel) is a sterile lubricant that has been formulated to be safe and keeps play more hygienic. The clear jelly solution is thick and long lasting to assist insertion, making it ideal for use with anal sex toys and urethral probes.

Each sachet provides a single dose of lubricant, containing enough for use with a single insertable electrode. Please note that the packaging design of the inside sachet may vary but the quality and quantity will remain the same. 

10 x 5g sachets per pack.

What is Sterile lubricant?

If you're looking for a thick, long-lasting lubricant that will also guarantee good, clean fun then this sterile lube is for you. Each individually-sealed packet contains a single dose of lubricant that is gamma irradiated inside the packaging to be completely sterile.

Because the lube is so thick and slippery, it's ideal for using with insertable probes that are harder to tackle and ensuring the safest possible play in delicate areas. Use it with urethral probes and anal sex toys to ensure comfortable insertion without inhibiting the electrical current.

The lubricant of choice for many medical professionals, you can confidently apply this sterile lube sachet to our electrodes as well as any other sex toy in your collection.

10 x 5g sachets included in each pack.

Please note: This is a lubricant and not a cleaner. Please use Sex Toy Cleaner to ensure your toys are clean and hygienic.


Please note that the packaging design of the inside sachet may vary.


Sodium polyacrylate, Glycerol, preservatives, Purified Water. Gamma irradiated sterile treatment. Image for reference only. Other brands may be supplied.