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If you're reading this, chances are you're already familiar with the concept of Masturbation Month (or Masturbation May). A whole month dedicated to one of the most important erotic activities; self-love. 

What you might not be so familiar with is how electro-stimulation can be incorporated into your alone time. There's no denying that electro reaches its most versatile peaks with another person to take control (or share the stimulation), but bringing electro into the picture can transform your solo adventures too.

So, we've compiled a few tips, tricks and ideas for how electro-sex can enhance masturbation...

Conductive Pads 

Placing a couple of conductive pads on your thighs, lower stomach or bum stimulates the muscles and nerve ending in these areas; increasing the range of stimulation you feel while masturbating. Electro brings your nerve endings to life, so every touch you make is going to feel more intense and satisfying. Plus, the beauty of our conductive pads is that they're self-adhesive so no matter what position you get yourself into, they're going to stay in place. 

With pads in place, you're free to explore masturbation however you like it; whether that's your own expert touch or utilising a favourite toy like a vibrator or dildo. 

Conductive pads generally won't get you to the big O by themselves (although everyone's different!) but they're a fantastic way to enhance your usual masturbation sessions. 


Internal electro-stimulation with a dildo, a probe or an anal toy provides a much more intense and resonating type of stimulation. There's no other word for it than penetrating! When used internally electro stimulation takes on a different quality that makes your muscles clench and your nerve endings react in a completely different way to when used on the surface of the skin. Whereas surface contact can feel tingly or prickly, internal stimulation involves more noticeable muscular contractions- much like the pleasurable contractions you'll often feel just before climax! 

Using an internal toy by itself is a great way to experiment with just how versatile electro-stimulation can feel. Again, combined with your fingers or your favourite toy, electro can completely transform the way that these pleasurable sensations feel to you normally. You may even discover new things that you like!


We'd love to hear how you incorporate electro into your sex life. Do you have tips for other users? Suggestions for toys we could bring out? Leave us a comment below to start the conversation! 

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