Why Should I Trust ElectraStim?

More than 20 years in business

Our parent company Cyrex Ltd and the ElectraStim brand was founded in 2001 and we've grown year-on-year to become one of the leading specialists worldwide in electro-stimulation for erotic pleasure.

About Us

Dedicated 'For Pleasure' Toys

There are many cheap 'e-stim' devices on the market that are simply therapeutic TENS units that have been 'reskinned' to make them appeal to the adult toy buyer.

These units are not designed for erotic play, are often poorly made, offer little to no customisation and may in some cases be dangerous.

Not all electro sex devices are created equal.

What To Look Out For

Patented Designs

We work hard to create unique and innovative products, so some of our more technically complex stimulators/modes are protected by Patents.

Patent details

Expert Customer Services

We're a small team with a passion for great service and a comprehensive knowledge of our products so we can offer the best possible advice to our customers.

At ElectraStim we design everything in-house from pencil sketches to the final product so we can always give you detailed advice and suggestions, no matter your question.

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