Our ElectraStim Stimulators are our latest innovation in erotic electro-stimulation technology. The USB rechargeable design makes them our most slimline unit ever and despite their small size we’ve managed to pack in a range of features to make them a real enhancement to your couples and solo sex life.

One of our most unique features (available in Flick, Flick Duo, Flux and AXIS) are motion-activated settings that allow you to synchronise stimulation with both the pattern and intensity of your movements. You ‘Flick’ by holding the stimulator flat and shaking it up and down similarly how you'd shake a bottle of juice to mix it. Because the motion-activated sensor is incredibly sensitive, it’s easy to turn using Flick modes into an erotic tease-fest to drive your partner (or yourself!) wild with desire.

How To Use The Flick Settings To Maximum Erotic Effect

The best way to understand how the Flick settings work is to try them out on yourself. If you have the ElectraStim Flick EM60, you have one Flick setting to play with. ElectraStim Flick has 4 different settings to try out that change how stimulation is felt across 2 channels. Flick Duo is slightly more complex but the settings can easily be mastered. To learn how to operate both Flick Stimulators, take a look at our Stimulator Advice Guides for each model.

When you activate Flick, your movements will be translated into a stimulation pattern. The faster you shake the unit, the quicker the bursts of stimulation will feel. The slower you shake the unit, the longer the bursts of stimulation will feel. Likewise, the harder you shake the unit, the more intense stimulation will feel. In order to tease your lover with Flick, you’ll want to create a rhythm that starts of slowly with a gentle intensity, building up to faster, more intense stimulation.

How To Create A Teasing Pattern

To tease your lover you’ll want to spend a lot of time lingering, escalating the speed and intensity of stimulation and then slowing down again. In domination circles this practice is known as ‘tease and denial’ – the art of leading someone to the brink of orgasm but denying them gratification by winding down the action before they reach their climactic burst.

To effectively tease you’ll need to know your partner’s erotic response cycle flows and how their body and body language changes on the approach to orgasm. Once you have these signs pinned down you’ll find it easy to wind them up and down again without a happy ending. Flick is the perfect way to tease because it’s so versatile. There’s no need to mess about with controls if you need to tail off stimulation, you can simply slow your motions and use softer force or stop your movements (and stimulation) all together.

  • Start off with a low intensity that’s just strong enough for your partner to feel tingling stimulation on the lowest Flick setting. The lowest setting is marked by a single green light on the digital display that will illuminate when you’re flicking as softly as possible. The highest Flick setting on your selected intensity is the red light on the Flick display and this will illuminate when you’ve maxed out power. To increase intensity further at this point you’ll need to up the power level on the stimulator as no matter how hard you shake, the power output won’t climb any higher.

Regardless of which type of electrode you’re using, the teasing method stays exactly the same.

  • Gently rock your stimulator up and down to create long, drawn-out waves of stimulation that are low in intensity. A slow wave pattern like this is the ideal way to help the initial stages of arousal to blossom. You should continue with this pattern until your partner is begging you to intensify the sensations or squirming against the electrode to deepen the sensations they feel.
  • When you reach this stage, slightly quicken your pattern and increase the force you’re using to shake the stimulator. The soft, slow waves should become quicker and more powerful to increase arousal and commence the escalation to orgasm. Watch your partner carefully to see how they react and when they’re once again eager for more, you can intensify things further.
  • Shake Flick in a combination of slower waves with more force and intermittent bursts of intense pulses (created by shaking the stimulator up and down very quickly). You can create a pattern with a predictable repetition for the best response or choose to mix things up with a spontaneous pattern that prevents your partner from anticipating which stimulation type will happen when. The first is likely to lead them to climax faster so you’ll have to slow down sooner but the latter is harder to predict and could unexpectedly lead them to orgasm.

Every couple has their own rhythm and pattern, so it may take you a few attempts to nail the tease and denial method of play. Part of the fun is in the experimentation, so try out a variety of techniques and tricks to see what has your partner squirming the most for erotic play that will leave them breathless time and time again.