Electro Sex and IUDs (the Coil)

One of the most frequent questions we get from women is 'I have The Coil, can I still use electro sex?'

Despite finding lots of advice saying that women shouldn't notice any difference in stimulation while having the contraceptive coil, we've never found any medical evidence to the contrary written by actual women.

So, we had to call in some help from our friends! As such, this is purely anecdotal and your experience may differ but hopefully gives you an idea of how to play safely while having a coil inserted.

We provided two ladies with The Coil a selection of our insertable toys and asked for feedback - primarily the big question- "Could you feel the current in The Coil?"

One agreed with the majority of advice guides around on the internet and said she enjoyed the sensation but couldn't feel anything unusual. However, our second willing guinea pig said she actually could feel a slight tingle in the location of the coil while using an electro dildo; almost as if the sensation was slightly concentrated in that area.

So, unfortunately that's a little inconclusive in terms of stimulation, but we can be confident it's safe.

As we'd provided both ladies with a selection of our toys, here's the best advice we can give on how to use e-stim sex toys with an IUD and which are our best products to avoid side effects.

  1. Avoid Toys with Conductive Contacts which Extend to the Tip

    The string of the coil extends down through the cervix and into the vagina, so when an electroconductive panel makes contact with the wet string, it sends a current straight up through the IUD. The coil itself is very conductive, so once stimulation reaches it - it feels quite intense in the cervix. Toys like Wave have conductivity in the tip due to the laminated design, so when the tip makes contact with the coil string, sensation will conduct into the IUD. To prevent this, you want to stick to sex toys which concentrate sensation to the first few inches of the vagina. The Silicone Noir Ovid Dildo, Lula Kegel Balls and Aura Multiprobe provided no coil side effects for my test subject. These toys all have contacts which don't extend to the tip or do not reach deep enough inside the vagina to make contact with the string.
  2. Stick to Shallow Insertion

    If you want to use metal dildos like Wave or probes like Tadpole or Depth Charge, then it's best not to venture too deep. Keeping stimulation to the G-spot area instead of heading to the (deep) A-spot will reduce the chances of feeling stimulation through your coil.
  3. Try Using a Contraceptive Sponge

    Or a sex tampon! Placing something between the string and your toy will diffuse sensation and reduce the chances of you feeling sensation in the coil.
  4. Place Some Silicone Lube on the Tip

    Silicone lubricant acts as an insulator, so on lower power levels you may find that some silicone lube is enough to divert sensations away from your coil string.

The sensations you may feel in your cervix when using e-stim toys with coil contraception can feel unusual but not painful. IUDs tend to intensify sensation due to the small contact area, so it can feel more intense through the cervix than it feels in the vagina when contact is made.

With plenty of forethought about the toys you use and how you use them, there is no reason why you can't enjoy electro sex toys while using an IUD.