What Does Uni-polar, Bi-polar, Quadri-polar Mean?

This is much simpler than it sounds!

There are 3 types of toy in our range. Toys that have one input socket (uni), toys that have two inputs (bi) and toys that have 4 inputs (quad).

We all know that electrical currents need to flow in a circuit so at all times the user needs to have at least two points of contact on their body.

So you need to use two unipolar toys at once to complete the circuit and feel the sensations. If you just use the one, you won't feel anything! Examples of unipolar toys are conductive pads, cock rings and urethral sounds.

Bipolar toys like our dildos, butt plugs, the Viper cock ring and the Rogue Prostate Massager all contain two distinct conductive areas in the one toy so they can be used by themselves with no need for any other accessories.

Quadripolar is a little more advanced in that you'll also need to make sure you have a Dual Output stimulator. These toys like Sirius have 4 distinct areas of sensation for a more intense and interesting experience.