Guide To Female Anal Play

Although there are a wealth of anal sex guides out there (and we all have very similar parts in that area of the body) women don't have a prostate, and when it comes to electro anal play it's a slightly different type of pleasure than that experienced by men.

Our Guide To Female Anal play explains more about electro anal play and answers some of the most common questions submitted by women.


No Prostate? No Problem.

During anal sex, electro or otherwise, a large portion of the pleasure for men comes from stimulation of the prostate (p-spot). Women have different pleasure spots and as such anal toys need to be approached slightly differently.

Silicone Noir Sirius Electro Prostate Massager

Although the electro will work in the same way, the curved shape of prostate toys are designed to manually hit a spot that's simply not there for a woman, so many will find this shape unsuitable for anal play. Instead, a symmetrical design like our Rocker Butt Plugs are more suited to deliver a smooth sensation that stimulates the entire anal passage evenly.

Tip: Although the Sirius or Habanero may not be comfortable for female anal play, it is perfectly shaped to manually rub against the g-spot...


First Time...

You should approach your first electro anal experience in the same way as you'd approach any first-time anal play session. Make sure that you're sufficiently aroused with plenty of time to explore without any outside pressure.

When starting with an electro insertable we always recommend trying it without the stimulator connected so you can get the feel of the material and the size as well as your most comfortable position. Using a high quality water-based lubricant (silicone or hybrid lubes are insulators and will block the electro sensations) you should make sure that the toy and your anal entrance is sufficiently lubricated. Gently push against the anus until your body relaxes and accepts the toy comfortably.

Once you're happy with this, it's time to connect the electro! NEVER turn the stimulator unit on until you're properly connected, the toy is fully inserted into the body and you're ready for the sensations. It's not dangerous but can give you an unpleasant surprise otherwise! Slowly increase the intensity and experiment with different levels and patterns until you find a pleasurable one. You can then use hands/any other toys (i.e. for clitoral stimulation) for additional stimulation if you wish.

Whereas a male experiencing anal play will find that the pleasure is concentrated around the prostate, women are likely to have a less targeted level of stimulation and more of a deep clenching sensation that can be controlled with your stimulation to reach the desired level of intensity.

For first time anal-players we always recommend using our Aura or Nona probes as they're the smallest in our range and offer a beginners experience