ElectraStim 2mm Replacement Cable


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It’s important to keep your ElectraStim cables in good working order to ensure safety during play and the resilient tinsel wire of the 2mm Replacement Cable ensures plenty of uses and optimum delivery of power from stimulator to toy.

Our ElectraStim 2mm Replacement cable is compatible with our full range of ElectraStim stimulators and has 2 x 2mm pin connectors that fit all of our electrodes and some from other brands (always consult the instructions)

For use with any ElectraStim Stimulator or accessory.


  • Cable Length: 1.2 metres / 3’ 9”
  • Accessory Connector: 2mm
  • Stimulator Connector: 3.75mm Safety Type
  • Materials: Nylon, PVC, Copper, Cord, Nickel-plated brass (pins)

Customer Reviews

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Jean Verbist

Hello, ups was supposed to deliver the package. The delivery man rang the doorbell, on my intercom I saw him , told him I was coming down, but saw him disappear. Later ups mentioned «  not delivered because no one home ».
I send a message to ups and got an answer announcing a rescheduled deliver the following day, « end of the day ». I stayed home the full day, but no ups to be seen.
Eventually the package was dropped at some bookstore where I was suppose to pick it up. Initially I had an angry reaction, but then I got two friendly phone calls from this bookstore and I did go and pick it up.
So , very bad rating for ups.
The product is ok, a really big box for a small cable. Maybe packaged in an envelope would have allowed the delivery in my mailbox.
Jean verbist


Worked as expected.

David Martin

does what it says

HEL User

The joint at the charger connection is still a week point. Eventually the wire inside breaks from constant flexing.

Andy Smith

Item arrived very promptly